Think of Someone You Care About Who Could Use an Emotional Lift

We'll Mail Them a MindSigns Card for You Each Week Anywhere in the World

We Do Everything for You Automatically Print, Stuff, Stamp, Mail

A Really Cool, Easy Way to Let Someone Know You Are Thinking of Them

Who do you know that could really use a positive emotional lift right now? Someone in your family, a friend, a neighbor? You want to keep in touch, but how do you find the time? There are too many things vying for your attention. Well, now there’s an easy way to reach out and stay in touch in today’s fast-paced world. Although e-mail, text messaging and phone calls are good for communicating with family and friends, most people prefer cards or letters to feel truly special. MindSigns greeting cards are a unique, uplifting gift. They’re a series of thought-provoking greeting cards mailed each week to help keep someone you care about inspired and moving in a positive direction. All you do is pick the person and you are done. We do everything else. Week after week, your gift recipient will know you care when they receive their weekly MindSigns card from you.

How it Works

It’s super convenient. We do everything for you. Each week we mail out a new MindSigns card to your gift recipient. We create, print, stuff, stamp and mail at the USPS.

Saves You Time & Money

Finding the right greeting cards, thinking about what to say, writing a note, stuffing, stamping and mailing cards takes a lot of time. The average price of a greeting card is $3.50. Add postage and 10 to 15 minutes of your time to write your message, stuff, stamp and mail, the total cost is easily $5 to $7. With MindSigns cards, just pick your gift recipient. We do the rest so you can take a rest. Each week a new card is mailed out by United States postal mail, indicating it’s a gift from you.

Simple 100% Guarantee

We’re in business to offer products and services that positively connect people. By trusting us with your purchase, we guarantee to fulfill our promise or your money back. You are in charge of your guarantee. At any time, you decide whether we meet your expectations or not.

A Gift of 6 Weeks for $29

Send your gift of six weeks of MindSigns Cards for only $29. These are real printed cards and envelopes with the special MindSigns card art, writing, printing, stuffing, postage, and mailing to anyone anywhere in the world. And, we do it all for you automatically. Click to buy.