After three years working for a company were lay-offs were a common occurrence, I noticed that the negative atmosphere at my office was rubbing off on me. I didn’t like the change and decided I was going to have to retrain myself to think and act positively. A couple of days later, the mail arrived and there was my first MindSigns card! Talk about attracting the things you need. I thank you for these gems, and I look forward to future versions of MindSigns cards!
Laura Van Slyke

These simple yet refreshing cards have become very popular in our household. We all review the MindSigns cards often and ask what they mean to each other. My nine year old daughter, in particular, has been very intrigued by the cards and has sent some of the ideas to her friends. Well done!
  Fred Diamond

MindSigns Personal Billboards are fun, creative and thought provoking cards. I shared them with my two friends who are in the psychology field. Both of them also found the cards to be inspiring. The signs are wonderful, helpful daily reminders of those positive things which we all overlook in ourselves.
Cosie Costa

We can all use moments of encouragement from time to time. Your MindSigns cards do this. Thanks so much.
Dan Knight

I’m a believer!!! I can do anything I let my MindSigns tell me. I was given the cards as a gift and what a dramatic impact it has had on my life. Thanks MindSigns.
Mack Belcher

MindSigns are so appropriate to what I experience with each card! Yet I found that the magic isn’t in the “quick read.” For me, the magic occurs as I reflect on each word or phrase. This reflection causes my creative juices to flow and before long, I “daydream stream” potential solutions to all sorts of problems. Thank you for my gift of MindSigns!
   Myron Radio

The MindSigns cards have not only been helpful to me when I needed to look at things more objectively, but also to my sales team. We have the cards posted throughout the office, and it keeps everyone in check when things look insurmountable. If you are a Sales Manager and don’t utilize the MindSigns cards for your team, you’re not doing your job!
 Pete Smith

Your fun-filled, innovative cards, MindSigns cards are a masterpiece. The “billboards” provide inspirational thoughts and Motivation for me, my subordinates and my co-workers.
   Jim Moody

What a great, simple, effective idea! MindSigns cards really make an impact through both form and content. I am NOT a lover of motivational books or cards, but I am really impressed with this work. I have given cards to friends in order to share this creative concept.
Rosanne Desmone